Episode Descriptions

Season 3 Episodes

NPR: Know His Name: The Story of George Stinney, Jr.  

In 1944, at 14 years of age, George Stinney, Jr. became the youngest person ever executed in the United States. While aspects of his story seem unfathomable to us today, it continues to reverberate in the perception and treatment of BIPOC in the justice system. A legal expert, a Pulitzer prize-nominated journalist, and the judge who exonerated Stinney help us tell his tragic and timeless story.

Leadership in Academia

Being one of few women holding leadership in the veterinary field, Dr. Jodi Korich joins us in exploring how women in academia have increased over the past few hundred years. She also tells us about some of the struggles she's been through to reach her position and how women in academia are viewed. 

Leadership in Commerce and Conservation 

As the world advances and the economy grows, we are forced to take a step back and look at the lasting effects of industrial globalization. In this episode, we discuss the the importance of the synergy of commerce and conservation with Ethel Bunch, CEO and founder of Sustain SC.  We speak about different conservation policies and protocols, and how cooperations are aiding the effort.

Leadership in the Judicial System

Since the establishment of the Judicial Branch, the United States Supreme Court has been dominated by white males. In this episode, we look at the lack of representation in federal courts and the initiatives that can be taken to create a more diverse bench. We speak with D.C. Circuit Court Judge Michelle Childs about the lack of diversity in our judiciary and what it means to build a more representative branch. 

Leadership in Technology

After growing up on the small Caribbean island of St. Kitts & Nevis, Larry Quinlan moved to the technologically innovative America, where he eventually became CIO for Deloitte. When Mr. Quinlan joined the realm of technology, it was practically unrecognizable from what we see today, as new generations continue utilizing more advanced technologies. In this episode, Mr. Quinlan discusses his experience working within the rapidly evolving field of technology, and we talk about the implications of an increasingly tech-reliant world. 

Leadership in Public Health

Covid-19 shoved the field of public health into the spotlight like never before, showing the importance of the sector. Dr. Avnika Amin, a vaccine epidemiologist, helps us explore how different generations reacted differently to the pandemic and vaccine, and how leadership in her field was vital to our country during the trying time.  We also discuss the future of epidemiology and how Covid-19 will continue to shape our world long after we all remove our masks.