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About the Outspoken Leader

Upper School students in the Leadership and Applied Journalism course at Heathwood Hall Episcopal School produce the podcasts published in the Outspoken Leader series. Students in this honor-level course conduct interviews with notable leaders, locally, regionally, and nationally. Each season explores a different theme in leadership, and each episode is exclusively the result of a student production team. Meet this season's team.

Leadership in Academia

Ft. Dr. Jodi Korich

Hosted by:

Erin Carns & Cal Peterson

Know His Name: The Story of George Stinney, Jr.

Ft.  Dr. Deanna Cann, Ms. Deanna Pan, and Judge Carmen Mullen

Hosted by: 

Lyles Barre & Yana Johnson

Leadership in Commerce and Conservation

Ft. Ethel Bunch

Hosted by: 

Kaitlyn McFarland 

& Mary Frances Ruskell

Leadership in the Judicial System

Ft.  Justice Michelle Childs

Hosted by: 

Annie Benoit & Blythe Robinson

Leadership in Technology

Ft. Larry Quinlan

Hosted by: 

Taylor Darby & Tess Overstreet

Leadership in Public Health

Ft.  Dr. Avnika Amin

Hosted by:  

Sophie Chen & Georgia Robertson